Fact-based cyber risk management
from the ground truth up

Cyber Risk Analysis: Identify security gaps and prevent cyber-attacks before they turn into cyber losses

Cyber Risk Management: Enterprise-grade cybersecurity protection,
and risk mitigation without enterprise-scale cost or complexity

Internal Security

CyRisk provides comprehensive insight for insurers,
risk management
for insureds,
and loss control for both.

Discover how CyRisk's fact-based insights can improve coverage, pricing and reduce losses

CyRisk InsightEngine is fast, accurate and easy to use. Time to value is as close to immediate as it gets.

Get on-demand security risk assessments, as well as thorough analysis and reports. InsightEngine delivers an accurate picture of any organization’s cyber security risk, supported by live, U.S.-based cybersecurity experts who will help reduce that risk to an acceptable level.

Learn how CyRisk Director can help you prevent cyber attacks

Identify and fix your cybersecurity weaknesses before the bad guys do

CyRisk Director has been purpose-built to put enterprise-grade cybersecurity protections within the reach of every organization. And that’s without enterprise-scale cost or complexity. From the start, CyRisk was designed to help organizations of all sizes reduce their cyber risk by overcoming many of today’s common challenges. Find out more about our Products and Services to see how we can help your company stay CyberSecure.

Stay ahead of attackers with full visibility and intelligent risk analysis of your external attack surface, internal assets, your supply chain and compliance risk. Talk to our Customer Success Team and they’ll help make you even more secure

CyRisk Ransomware Exposure Detector provides security risk awareness and loss control at portfolio-scale.  CyRisk RED monitors your entire portfolio for critical vulnerabilities known to be in use by ransomware gangs. Combined with our rapid-response team, RED can prevent the bad guys from exploiting your vulnerable customers.

CyRisk Zero-day Exposure Detector enables our rapid-response team to prevent losses before the bad guys exploit vulnerable customers. ZED finds companies in your portfolio that have exposure as soon as new, critical vulnerabilities drop. 

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Underwriters need an accurate, up-to-date picture of the exposure each current and prospective insured represents. CyRisk offers:

  • Fast, accurate insight into your insured’s cyber exposure
  • Risk selection guidance to easily compare companies among a variety of classes and categories
  • Reports for decision-makers written in plain English
  • Reports for IT and security professionals with enough detail to understand and fix the problems
  • Live, U.S. based support with cybersecurity and cyber insurance expertise
Customer Compliance

Insurance Brokers

CyRisk helps insurance brokers get the best cyber insurance coverage for their clients at the best price. CyRisk offers:

  • Branded reports for decision-makers explaining their cyber exposures and written in plain English
  • Branded cyber reports for IT and security professionals with enough detail to understand and fix the problems
  • U.S.-based Customer Success Team will work with your team, you clients and even your prospects to explain cyber exposures and how they will impact insurability
  • Continuous security monitoring to watch system activity and get automated alerts when cyber risk thresholds are exceeded    

Insured Organizations

CyRisk offers a comprehensive suite of cyber risk management tools for organizations to identify, protect, detect and respond to cyber risks across their environment as well as their supply chain. CyRisk offers:

  • Continuous security monitoring to watch system activity and get automated alerts when cyber risk thresholds are exceeded
  • Streamlined internal security and compliance processes to generate, track and report on security metrics
  • Supply chain risk management to protect your organization’s cybersecurity through all of your vendors
  • Continuous audit of regulatory and industry requirements
  • Customer security and compliance requirements management 

Risk Managers
Systemic & Accumulation Risk

CyRisk identifies and tracks the technologies with high centrality measures in your portfolios. This is critical to identifying systemic risk. CyRisk offers:

  • Identify, analyze, and monitor cyber exposures across your portfolio
  • Up-to-date portfolio-scale risk analysis as new critical threats arise
  • Real, current data to help determine the level of aggregation among risks and types of losses
  • Ability to establish thresholds to track and maintain aggregation risk as your portfolio changes
  • Systemic risk identification to prevent cascading failures throughout your systems

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